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Process Improvement

In addition to thorough training, Gore Nitrogen is focused on improving processes in order to perform better. Several programs factor into the continuous improvement of the business and procedures followed. The following programs enhance the quality of work and business for Gore Nitrogen.

Safety Meetings

The use of safety meetings at Gore Nitrogen has proven to have several benefits.  A well-developed safety meeting is used to do more than relay a message…it is used to evaluate the general health of the company's safety culture, the physical mental and emotional health of employees and all meetings serve as reinforcement for educational tools against complacency.  At Gore Nitrogen, many safety programs are incorporated into facets of the business.  The use of tailgate, pre-job and monthly safety meetings are not uncommon, as they are made into as much a part of work as the work itself.  Taking time for safety meetings can, and does, save lives by slowing the pace of the work environment and giving employees the opportunity to think about the dangers, seen and unseen, around them.


ISNETWORLD has become a standard in the oil and gas industry.  It has become necessary to maintain compliance in training, safety, insurance and Master Service Agreements through the use of ISNETWORLD.  The Gore Nitrogen staff works diligently to maintain and  meet the individual needs of various customer compliance with the help of ISNETWORLD.  ISNETWORLD has been beneficial in standardizing training across the oil and gas industry, too a large decree, in addition to helping  create a safer and more efficient work environment.


At Gore Nitrogen, the primary focus, and use, of PEC Premier is to standardize the training across the employee population; as well as, meet the specific needs of customers. Through the use of SAFELAND USA training all employees will possess the same general skill set with regards to safety knowledge and operating ability.  The ideals of this program are valued and enforced, as the company maintains a certified SAFELAND USA instructor on staff.


A greater emphasis has been placed on the use and wear of PPE in the oil and gas industry as of late.  There is no greater hedge against physical harm than the proper wear and use of PPE during all aspects of operation.  As a result, Gore Nitrogen supplies, at no cost to the employee, FRC, Eye Protection, Gloves, and Hard Hats.  H2S monitors are also supplied and tested on a regular basis, being exchanged as they expire or become faulty.  In addition, there are service respirators onboard the fracturing equipment.  Gore Nitrogen provides PPE as the best way to prevent injury to the company's most valuable asset: employees.

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