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Gore Nitrogen has the field experience, engineering, and resources to assist with your frac designs.

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Foam fracturing is one of the premier ways to complete your well. With GN2, it is also one of the most economical ways to stimulate your well. Use Gore Nitrogen's expertise and experience to achieve your well's optimal production.



Precise fluid additive control and proper mixing give a consistent high quality crosslinked fracturing fluid. The PreBlender/Hydration unit mixes a consistent, high quality, linear gel that is delivered to the Blender fully hydrated. Gore Nitrogen's fluid tech monitors and controls all of the fluid additives from the custom designed and built Chemical Additive Unit to the Blender. GN2's Blender is custom designed to optimize fluid mixing and sand wetting & pumping. The complete fluid preparation and sand mixing system consisting of the PreBlender, Chem Add Unit, and Blender were all custom designed to work together to provide the best fluid consistency and proppant transport to your well.


Gore combines the clean, economical slickwater system with nitrogen foam to provide an economical ultra clean and effective Slick Foam Frac.

Nitrogen foamed acid is the most effective and productive use of acid in many reservoirs. GN2 has the equipment and expertise to bring it all together in an efficient economical package.


Gore Nitrogen offers satellite remote data transmitting for all frac jobs. The simple, reliable system used by GN2 to transmit your job ensures that you will be in constant contact with the information needed to make real time decisions regarding the frac treatment.

Foam Services : Foam Fracs | Nitrogen Assist | Nitrogen Foam​ | Nitrogen Gas Frac

Foam Advantages : Excellent proppant transportation capacity | Improved fluid efficiency | Reduced fluid leak off into the formation | Reduced fracture skin damage | Improved fracture conductivity | Shorter post-frac well cleanup times | Increased frac fluid load recovery | Reduced formation damage due to frac fluid contact | Less water required for frac treatments | Less water to dispose of after frac treatments | Typically results in a higher return on investment

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