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At Gore Nitrogen, the safety and well being of employees begins with a well trained and educated staff. The training programs that are in place ensure the process and procedures used on the job are executed properly and in the safest, most efficient way possible. The current training curriculum includes sessions focusing on new employee orientation, driver orientation/training and mentor programs.

New Employee Orientation

The purpose of the Gore Nitrogen orientation program is to familiarize and integrate every new employee into the company's work environment.  Safety being the chief concern, the manual reviewed during the orientation course helps adequately familiarize each employee with the work environment at Gore Nitrogen.  Apart from this orientation, Gore Nitrogen trains each of its employees through a mentoring program and process.  Taking into account the lack of experience, or abundance thereof, Gore Nitrogen’s management and supervisors adequately train each employee in the skills necessary to operate equipment.  As work environment changes, Gore Nitrogen must also change to meet these demands.  While the work at Gore Nitrogen can remain at a constant, the federal, state and owner/client requirements do not.  Apart from legal, political and insurance requirements, training has become a major necessity for any company operating in the oilfield service industries.  Because of this, and the necessity for safety, Gore Nitrogen feels the necessity to help educate and familiarize each of its employees with the work environment and equipment used in the commission of work.  Finally, safety is first at Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service, LLC.  Our record of safe operating speaks for itself.  One of the major keys to our success as a company is our ability to be reliable, on time and, above all, safe.

Driver Orientation/Training

Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service, LLC is committed to having all of its new drivers participate in, and successfully complete our driver orientation program. Our singular goal is to ensure all employees start their careers at Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service, LLC with the best training, tools and equipment, an appropriate driver support system and a thorough understanding of company policies and procedures in order to perform all functions and duties of their job in a safe, legal, and professional manner.

Mentor Program

The goals of the mentoring program at Gore Nitrogen are varied.  The basic premise of the mentoring program is to train and culture technically proficient and above all, safe employees.  The mentoring program is designed to help and protect both the employees of Gore Nitrogen, and the company's customers.  Following is a list of the goals, objectives and factors affecting the mentoring program at Gore Nitrogen:  

  • ​To ensure the safety of employees and customers of Gore Nitrogen.

  • To train technically proficient and competent operators in the use of all equipment at Gore Nitrogen.

  • To continually train all employees in safety awareness, use of equipment, and environmental awareness.

  • To ensure the delivery of a safe and competitive product for the customers of Gore Nitrogen.

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