Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service specializes in Hydraulic Fracturing and Nitrogen Services. With experienced, knowledgeable employees, reliable service, and custom equipment designs, Gore Nitrogen provides results in the safest, most cost-efficient manner.



Gore Nitrogen offers a wide variety of nitrogen services. From the complex high-rate high-pressure foam frac work to the multiple stage well cleanouts. GN2 has the right people and equipment for the job.

Foam Fracturing

Foam fracturing is one of the premier ways to complete your well. With GN2, it is also one of the most economical ways to stimulate your well. Use Gore Nitrogen's expertise and experience to achieve your well's optimal production.

Slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing

Gore Nitrogen prides itself on having well maintained high pressure pumping and blending equipment. This helps ensure the consistent and uninterrupted pumping service that you can expect. The 2500 HP Quintuplex Pumps used by GN2 feature the most reliable twin disc transmissions in the industry for smooth pumping operations.



GORE NITROGEN maintains a quality reputation in the industrial, pipeline, and oil field service industries. Since its inception in 2001, Gore Nitrogen has experienced a steady growth. Located in, and primarily serving the mid-continental area, GN2 has positioned itself for continued growth in the future.



Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction by providing quality, cost-efficient operations with reliable results. The mission of Gore Nitrogen is to safely and proficiently deliver high quality work with emphasis on service to customers, innovation and professionalism. Focus is placed on maintaining a culture that encourages safety and environmental awareness. As a member of organizations such as SafeLand USA, ISNetworld and PEC Premier, safety is a vital part of every operation and on the top of each employee's mind. 


Specializing in nitrogen pumping and transportation services as well as fracturing services, Gore Nitrogen offers a variety of nitrogen, stimulation and fracturing services including: pressure testing, purging, drying, oil well completion, well stimulation, nitrogen transports, foam fracs, high rate slickwater fracs, pipeline services, remote data transmitting and many other services. For a more comprehensive list of services, visit the Nitrogen Services and Stimulation Services pages.


Primarily serving Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and eastern Colorado, Gore Nitrogen is authorized and ready to serve various other states. Company headquarters are located in Seiling, Oklahoma with additional offices located in Tuttle, Oklahoma.





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